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"Red Dreams: A Trail Beyond Tears" (CD)

Joy Harjo

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Red Dreams, Trail Beyond Tears


These are songs of honor and acknowledge those who inspire and lead us forward through the rough trails of life.

“Dragonfly, Dragonfly” was a promise to a dragonfly. “Red Dreams” is for my father. He was a good-looking Muscogee man and a discouraged dreamer. He loved the song of the redbird. “Beautiful Baby…” is a song for the babies who come after us—they are brave to join us here. “The Trail of Tears” has been carried through seven generations since removal from our tribal homelands in the Southeast. It is a song carried like fire in the rain.  The “Mankiller Honor Song” is for Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee. She was a rare leader of vast insight, and a friend. “All the Colors of Sunrise”, “Shimmering” and “To Chase Away Bad Thoughts” are all healing songs. A crow followed me to the studio the first session, and returned for the very last, hence, “Urban Crow Dance”. Keep dancing, Crow! And finally, the whole story of “Rainbow Gratitude” is as large as the sky. The rainbow has spoken to me and showed me a trail beyond tears.

A native flute album with a world vibe.

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