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Ceremonial Songs of the Muscogee

Indian House

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Ceremonial Songs of the Muscogee.

Contents: 7 ceremonial stomp dances led by John Proctor, Jimmy Gibson, Eunice Hill, Phillip Deere, Leon Bell, Billy Joe Jackson, and Thomas Yahola

Singers: Leon Bell, Daniel Billie, Phillip Deere, Jimmy Gibson, Alfred Harley, Eunice Hill, Billy Joe Jackson, Kelly Lowe, John Proctor, Richard Williams, Thomas Yahola. Shell shakers: Linda Alexander, Frankie D'Ann Bell, Pat Bell, Marie Berryhill, Bonnie Gibson, Linda Grammer, Naomi Harjo, Shatota Harjoe, Corina Lowe, Vivian Proctor, Bertha Tilkens.

Recorded at: Tallahassee Ceremonial Ground, Oklahoma, Nov. 9, 1997