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Tallahassee Ceremonial Ground of the Mvskokee Nation

Indian House

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Tallahassee Ceremonial Ground of the Mvskokee Nation

Contents: Peace Dance led by John Proctor; 6 Stomp Dances led by John Proctor, Leon Bell, Jonas Harley, Eddie Lowe, Jimmy Gibson, and Thomas Yahola; and Old Dance led by Thomas Yahola. Announced by Edwin Marshall.

Singers: Leon Bell, Sam Buck, Toby Carpitcher, Jimmy Carpitcher, Jimsey Carpitcher, Jimmy Gibson, Alfred Harley, Jonas Harley, Harvey Little, Eddie Lowe, Kelly Lowe, Edwin Marshall, John Proctor, Justin Yahola, Harold Yahola, Thomas Yahola. Shell shakers are Linda Alexander, Pat Bell, Rhina Bell, Vlecv Bell, Joyce Core, Carol Ellis, Bonnie Gibson, Naomi Harjo, Jeanette Harley, Phyllis Henry, Melba Harley, Corrina Lowe, Vivian Proctor, Bertha Tilkens.

Recorded at Wetumka, Oklahoma, October 22, 1994